Denise M.

Client Service Representative (Remote)

Denise joined us in February 2019 after relocating from Miami to the SF Bay area. Her first experience working with animals was at an organic farm in Miami, Florida. “We had rabbits, goats, donkeys, chickens,  and of course dogs and cats… My first experience in the medical field was at a small animal practice in El Cerrito where I learned a lot about medical care and treatments for animals. I was able to do some one-on-one work with the technician doing simple things like vaccines and preparing pets for their appointment with the doctor.”

Denise loves animals and truly enjoys interacting with people, “especially if I can help in any way to make experiences better.” Her goal is to spread the love! “I am a woman just trying to make this world a better place filled with nurturing and love (with a hint of attitude!).” She loves the welcoming vibe we have at GLVH, and tries to make every client’s experience in the office the best and most comforting it can be.

Denise is currently living in Miami with her three sons and of course, their sweet German Shepherd. We’re so glad to have Denise despite the distance!