• Complete our Anesthesia Consent form in advance and return it to us via email. You may also bring it with you to your appointment.


At The Grand Lake Veterinary Hospital, we understand that your time is valuable. To expedite the check in process, please:

  • Complete our registration form in advance and save time at check in! By signing online, there’s no need to print the form. We’ll automatically receive your signed copy!
  • Let us know where your pet was most recently seen by a veterinarian so that we may acquire any previous records for your pet. This helps us gain insight into your pet’s full medical history so we can provide the best care possible.
  • Take a moment to review our Welcome Sheet.


We know things can get hectic when preparing for a trip. If your pet is staying with us while you are away, the following will help expedite the check-in process. If these forms are not completed in advance, please allow us the time to gather all pertinent information for each pet at drop-off.

  • Complete our Overnight Care Instructions form, so we can get you in and out as quickly as possible. Just bring one completed form for each pet staying with you when you drop off.
  • Review our Overnight Care Consent form, which outline our policies for pet’s staying with us overnight for observation.
  • ****Please be prepared to list an authorized agent (locally) to act on your behalf in the event that we cannot reach you, or if your pet needs to be transported from our facility to an emergency hospital. Please complete one form per pet.****
  • We provide all clients with the PETS Referral Center’s authorization for care form. Do NOT return this form to us. This form should be completed and given to your authorized agent for them to present at PETS Referral Center in the event of an emergency transfer from our facility to theirs.

We appreciate having the Overnight Care Instructions and Consent forms returned to us in advance via email ( You may also bring the completed forms with you at drop-off. ​Please note, that our staff will need ample time to review the forms to confirm completeness if you bring them at the time of drop off instead of returning them in advance


If you are traveling with your pet and require a health certificate, please complete the Health Certificate Checklist and return it to us prior to your appointment.


While we are in the location of the former Lake Veterinary Hospital, we do not have access to the records from cases that were seen at the former hospital. The records from Lake Veterinary Hospital were purchased in bankruptcy court by East Bay Veterinary Clinic. Unfortunately, we are unable to access the Lake Vet records. We were notified by East Bay Veterinary Clinic in the Fall of 2017 that they have destroyed the records they purchased from Lake Vet (as allowed by law since the records are over 3 years old).