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When it comes to filling your pet’s prescriptions, you have choices. We can usually fill it after your visit, right here at the clinic. That means your pet can start treatment right away; no waiting for a delivery from an online retailer.

When we fill your prescription, you can rest assured your pet is receiving a safe, high-quality product. Plus, pharmaceutical manufacturers only honor product guarantees when the medications are prescribed by and purchased from your pet’s veterinarian. Internet retailers and mail order catalogs do not qualify for these guarantees.

Keeping your pet healthy and happy is important to us, and we are proud to offer the very best in veterinary care, pet diets and medications!

We now have a dedicated pharmacy voicemail! Call 510-607-8490 for your next refill!

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Use our online pharmacy for convenient home shipping

If you prefer, our safe and convenient online pharmacy is a great place to get your pet’s medications as well as prescription food and flea and tick preventatives. We offer competitive prices and guaranteed-safe and effective products, plus prescription orders go right to your pet’s record.

You can also rest easy knowing your purchase has been stored properly while in transit, and isn’t out of date, repackaged or counterfeit, which can happen if you purchase medications or pet supplies from outside online vendors. Drug manufacturers do not guarantee products purchased from third-party online pharmacies because there have been issues with counterfeit products, incorrect temperature storage and incorrect dosing instructions.

For the right medication at the right time and the right dose, order your pet’s prescriptions and food from our online pharmacy.


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