We are offering CURBSIDE SERVICE exclusively. We are open, since veterinary practices are deemed an essential business. With that said, if you have an appointment, please call or text us at 510-350-8538 when you have arrived and one of our staff will escort your pet to treatment.

We ask that you stay in your car or wait outside while your pet is being treated. We will call you to discuss treatment and payment.

We know you depend on us to care for your family pets, and we will strive to maintain operations going forward.

You may be wondering if pets contract coronavirus from humans or vice versa.  The simple answer is as follows: No, you won’t get or give the coronavirus to your family pet. A detailed answer to this excellent question can be found here: https://www.vetmed.ucdavis.edu/news/can-pets-contract-coronavirus-humans-or-vice-versa.

The Grand Lake Veterinary Hospital is doing as much as we can to help keep our staff and clients safe. First and foremost, we are a profession of obsessive hand-washers and cleaning freaks. We have asked that our staff only come to work if they’re feeling healthy, and are fever and cough free. All door handles and surfaces are wiped down frequently. While we believe deeply in social distancing, we also believe all of your beloved pets should continue to receive excellent care.

With that in mind, here are some specifics on how we are handling appointments:

  • Clients who know they are ill, know they have ill family members, or have a cough should reschedule appointments.
  • If you need to pick up medication, call and ask for the invoice to be emailed ahead of time. You can pay online and when you arrive we can bring your medication out to your car or meet you at the exit.

The Grand Lake Veterinary Hospital is committed to the health and safety of our patients, their owners, and our staff. We have been confronting highly infectious diseases for years, and we are confident we can safely treat pets, even as people in our community deal with human respiratory infections. But, please do your part: cover if you cough, wash your hands, use hand sanitizer. Please know you are in good hands with us.

Dr. Elizabeth MacDonald & Dr. Eleanor Dunn

Medical Directors